Loft Reports

Olympiade 003

200 BE01 6455003The world famous Olympiade 003 (Belg01-6455003) of Leo Heremans.

003 as he is well known was a fantastic racer but more importantly a super breeder and responsible for a dynasty of winners over many generations.
Before 003 left Leo’s loft in 2010 he sired no fewer than 13 children demonstrating his strong constitution and vitality.

Koen Van Roy

Koen 2002017: 36 x 1st Prizes, 1st General Provincial Champion KBDB 3,000 members.
2017: Olympiad pigeon Brussels with “Linda”
1st Prov Champion KBDB Middle Distance Old Birds, 2nd Prov Champion KBDB Middle Distance Yearlings
1st & 2nd Prov Ace Pigeon KBDB Middle Distance O.B, 4th National Champion Middle Distance Old & YLG 2015
6th & 7th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Old 2015
2015: 52 x 1st prize -- 2016: 32 x 1st prize

Herbots Brothers

Herbots Article Jan 2018Online Now Herbots Brothers
As we all know Herbots Brothers are a household name around the world and Redstar Euro Auctions feel very privileged to be asked once again to auction a small but very select number of birds from their best racers. Herbots are an extremely wealthy family and are able to purchase the best regardless of cost so this is a fantastic opportunity to obtain some of the gems from this loft. They have kindly selected 20 fantastic 2017 bred birds from their best racers and breeders including direct children of 1st National Winners, National Ace Pigeons, Olympic Ace Pigeons & Multiple 1st Prize winners.

Martin de Poorter

Martin De Poorter 200Out of the blind spot - Martin de Poorter 

Let me take you on a trip to the most south west part of Holland, the region called Zeeuws Vlaanderen. The same area from where since the ’40s until deep into the ‘80s the legendary late Staf Dusarduyn of Groede reigned on the Dutch national classics from St. Vincent and Dax. A name spoken still with great respect, Staf was considered to be one the founding fathers of Dutch long distance racing. To reach this part of the country either you have to come through the Westerschelde tunnel, or take the route as I did, driving from Antwerp in the direction of Bruges, right turn back into Holland.

Albert Hendrix

Albert Hendrix 200Young Bird Sprint and Middle Distance Specialist from 80 – 300 miles.

Albert just specializes in young bird Sprint and Middle Distance races from 80 – 300 miles. In fact he is one of the best in Belgium and has been awarded several times with the Golden Duif Award which is like the Golden Boot of pigeon sport. Obviously to achieve these fantastic performances you also need the tools to work with and Albert has certainly proved this with his team of 100% pure Jos Soontjes.

A P Overwater

A P Overwater 200AOut of the blind spot - AP Overwater
Who doesn’t remember the names of the far gone past when talking about extreme long distance racing? In my youth I grew up with the names Van der Wegen, Jan Aarden, Van Wanroy, Braakhuis, household names from the pigeon magazines in the seventies and eighties. Where normal children where reading comics, I had my nose deep in pigeon magazines and books, my only interest was pigeons, foremost long distance pigeons. In those days national wins where celebrated like football championships. Being on the cover the national magazine was a state of art.

Van Hertem Schuurmans

Schuurmans CropVan Hertem – Schuurmans

This loft has a rich history and in 2013 cemented their place at the very top of Belgium racing by representing their Country at the Nitra Olympiad winning 1st & 2nd place in Category C. In 2013 they added to their phenomenal successes of 40 x 1st prizes with the titles of National Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance Old Birds & 8th Longer Middle Distance Yearlings. In 2015 they won a staggering 60 x 1st prizes, 2016 with 38 x 1st Prizes & in 2017 another 64 x 1st Prizes.
Their Loft is littered with multiple 1st prize winners, National winners, Ace pigeons and Olympiad Ace pigeons.

Men of the East, Jan Doldersum & son + Kees Nijeboer

Doldersum Nijeboer 200Out of the blind spot

Visiting the men of the East, Jan Doldersum & son + Kees Nijeboer

A sunny and windy Saturday afternoon in September in the city of Almelo. Not too far off the German border is where todays men in the spotlights, the Doldersum family and Kees Nijeboer reside. In Holland these are the weeks of the so called - natour -, or late tour races. Depending in which province you race, you are able to participate in some 4 to 6 sprint races up to 300kms, open for both youngsters and old birds.

Thorsten Daum Germany

Thorsten Son Finn 200Out of the blind spot - Thorsten Daum 

Even though we see many repots on one loft races, not much is written about the background on the participants and their preparation. Many think that being successful in one loft racing is a pure lottery all based on sheer luck, especially the spectators not participating in these events. Still there are the few who manage to be successful constantly, how lucky must they be then? It is surely no mob flying, being in a good position on the line of flight, and rest assured, even the biggest races won´t be dominated by single names.