Loft Reports

Jaap & Jeroen Meeder NL

Jaap Jeroen Meeder 200Jaap & Jeroen Meeder offer for auction a fantastic selection birds bred from their Leo Heremans, Gaby Vandenabeele and Van Rijn/Meeder families.

Due to relocation of their lofts very little racing has been done during 2018. However they did manage to compete with 3rd round young birds in 5 late races winning 70% prize percentage over these 5 races.
14th from 3.656 birds
21st from 2.667 birds
38th from 3.923 birds

Sjaak Buwalda NL

Sjaak 200.fwSjaak Buwalda NL Home of the Dutch Marathon Super Stars.
Deyean & Doutzen are the foundation breeders of the Buwalda family and are direct parents to the fantastic National racer Melinda winner of 
1st Nat Limoges 2,974 birds 833 km & 28th Nat Limoges 3,928 birds.

Melinda is now taking over Holland and is responsible for generations of top long distance National winners.

Auction Starts 5th November - Ends 17th November

Franz & Martin Steffl

Franz and Martin Steffl 200

In this auction there is a collection the best Dirk Van Den Bulck including grandchildren of 
Kittel, Super Kittel, Blauwe Beer, Greipel, Blauwe Leo, Broer Goede Rode, Olympic Rosita and many more.

Auction Starts 31st October - Ends 10th November

Surinx - Pletsers

Hilaire Surinx Nadia Pletsers 200Out of the blind spot– Surinx - Pletsers
Fashion breeds appear from year to year, to disappear beyond the far horizon as fast as they came, but there are some names who rarely appear in the spotlight despite being successful fanciers. Call it modesty or just not having the ambition to be on the front cover week by week. In this series we want to reflect on some of the names who earn a place in the sun, for the simple reason of producing top class results in past and present. In this issue we want to focus your attention on Surinx - Pletsers Hilaire & Nadia, from the town of Nieuwerkerken in the Belgian province Limburg, some 40 miles to the east of the nation’s capital Brussels. Coming from a family of pigeon enthusiast, Hilaire could be found on his grandfather's lofts and started racing from the age of 14.
Auction Starts 31st October - Ends 10th November 

Leon Dautzenberg

Leon Jan 200Leon Dautzenberg NL 
Auction Starts 24th October - Ends 3rd November

Leon offers for auction ten superbly bred youngsters from his NPO winning Jan Hooymans Harry family. 

In this auction there are

Jente Van den Driessche

Van Driessche 200Fantastic Jos Thone Collection
Jente is a highly successful fancier from Dworp a small town south of Brussels. He is passionate about the sport and his ambition is to become a professional pigeon fancier. In the early days he had pigeons from a local fancier which raced well but he felt he need something special if he was to achieve greater heights.
His idol is the great Jos Thone who needs no introduction and has won 4 x World Champion , 7 x 1st National,

2 x 1st International, 2 x National Champion KBDB, 12 x National Champion BDS and 13 x National Champion LCB.

Auction Starts 24th October - Ends 3rd November

Herman & Dennis Beverdam

Beverdam Son 200Herman & Dennis Beverdam (Netherlands) 2018 has been another fantastic racing season for Herman & Dennis. In fact it has proved to be their best ever for both old and young bird racing as shown in the many Championship titles they have earned this year. The amount of birds competing at the start of the season in their Provincial was 25,903 Old Birds & 22,463 Young Birds. Herman & Dennis were
2nd Provincial Championship Speed against 2,000 members.
1st Championship Speed points with old bird (sprint)
1st Championship Middle Distance old bird races up to 450km
1st Championship Young Bird races up to 360km
Auction Starts 17th October - Ends 27th October

Hermans Bonne

hermans bonne 200

The partnership of Hermans – Bonne are Roger Hermans and son-in-law Wim Bonné who live in Loksbergen which is a small village located in the Belgian province of Limburg.
They have been very successful for several years and originally were real sprint/speed specialists but now they are focused more on the middle distance and heavy middle distance races.
Since 2013 their performances have gone through the roof starting with
2nd Olympiad Pigeon Cat.A in Nitra with "Olympic Steppe". This title was won on races from 100-400km.

 Auction Starts 8th October - Ends 20th October

Jan Hoogland

Jan Hoogland 200Jan Hoogland N.L
A small loft with massive results against 1,100 Provincial lofts.
2nd Provincial Champion, 6th Provincial Champion, 7th Provincial Champion, 19th Provincial Champion Y/B, 
9th National Champion, 11th National Champion, 20th National Champion, 11th National Champion.

Auction Starts 8th October - Ends 20th October


G & W Vedder

G W Vedder 200Gerrit & Wouter Vedder NL 
Fantastic Collection of Leo Heremans & Stefaan Lambrechts.
1st 2nd 4th, 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th Club 311 birds
1st 6th 26th 31st 32nd 33rd Fed 812 birds, 8th 31st Provincial 12,193 birds
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 10th Club 367 birds
1st 3rd 4th 5th 6th 423 Club birds, 4th 6th th 8th 14th Fed 1,083 birds
1st 4th 19th 20th 21st 22nd 24th Fed 1,177 birds

Auction Starts 1st October - Ends 13th October